B3 Archery Exact Rize Hunter Sight

The Exact Rize Hunter is the best rapid-travel hunting sight….period.

The Exact Rize Hunter features our new patent-pending vertical mount system, as well as a toolless micro-adjust windage unit. Streamlined steel pins provide a clear and accurate sight picture. Machined, gear-driven design produces lightning-fast sight movement. Additional features include a sight light, full-axis adjustments, a built-in broadhead tool, quiver mount and adjustable blue level.

Precision machined Exact Rize Hunter is proudly made in the USA!

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Rize Hunter features:

  • Patent-pending design
  • 3 axis adjustments
  • Angled sight scale for visibility
  • 15 stick on tapes for distance
  • Sight light
  • Colored sight bands
  • The most precise micro-adjust windage unit available; under .001 per click with no excess travel
  • Rapid travel for quick target acquisition
  • Single pin housing option
  • Multi-pin housing option
  • Tapped for light mount
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