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Sunrise Archery And Outdoors

About us

Sunrise Archery Fenton MI

Archery is such a wonderful sport. Whether you hunt white tailed deer or turkey, practice in the back yard, or have target competition with family and friends, it’s just plain fun!

The Archery industry is also filled with great technology, best engineering, lighter alloys, and composites hitting the market every year. With that being said, Sunrise Archery has invested its resources into both our stores Pro Shop atmosphere and the necessary inventory to customize your bow giving it that personal touch.

If you’re a beginner or a Pro…Sunrise has the best of the best to service your needs. We carry most if not all the best brands, the best accessories and finally the best service department with 40 years combined experience.

So come on in, make yourself at home in the best Man/Girl cave around. Take your time, shoot a variety of options, ask questions, invest in what you can afford, and let our bow technicians put it all together for the best experience in our Sunrise Archery Pro Shop!

And lastly…on behalf of the Sunrise Archery staff, we would like to thank our customers for being a part of our success. We could not have done this without you!

Flagship BOW SALE

Minimum $100 off in stock 2021 Flagship Bows 



  • Bear
  • Bowtech
  • Elite
  • Hoyt
  • Prime
  • PSE
  • Mathews and more…


  • Excalibur
  • Ten Point
  • Mission
  • Ravin
  • Wicked Ridge
  • And more…


Minimum $100 off in stock 2021 Flagship Bows 

  • PSE
  • Mathews
  • Bowtech
  • Elite
  • Hoyt
  • Prime

While supplies last!

We are a full service archery store

Whether you are looking to purchase your first bow, need archery supplies, or need your bow restrung by our service department, Sunrise Archery should be your first stop.  We have a large selection of bow, crossbows, and hunting and archery accessories.

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