Garmin Xero X1i Crossbow Scope


You’ve never seen a crossbow scope like this before. Range game targets up to 250 yards away, and use digital aim points automatically calibrated to your crossbow setup.

A crossbow scope with a built-in laser range finder? Yeah, we did that.

It’s a lot easier to be sure of your shot when you can see it with 3.5X magnification.

Sunrise to sunset, your aim points will be the perfect brightness, easy to see and won’t block your view. The Laser Locate™ feature lets you mark where your shot was taken and other important points after that. Get precise aim points for multiple crossbow setups, and easily switch between them. Steady Aim and Aim Point Level give you confidence that each shot will find its mark.

SILENT RANGE BUTTON Mount the button in the best location for your grip so one finger can silently activate the laser range finder to give you the distance and exact aim point you need for the shot.

RUGGED Built to withstand all hunting conditions, the scope will be ready in harsh weather or on a blue sky, high-pressure day in mid-November.

AUTOMATIC RANGING Get instant angle-compensated distance to game up to 250 yards away, reflective targets up to 500 yards away and black targets up to 125 yards away. 3.5X MAGNIFICATION Take every shot with confidence. Get on target quickly, and see your mark at

3.5X magnification.

ILLUMINATED AIM POINTS Precise illuminated aim points automatically adjust brightness to conditions and allow you to see your target, unobstructed by reticle patterns.

LASER LOCATE FEATURE Our waypoint projection feature pairs with a compatible Garmin GPS device (sold separately) to show the target’s exact location when the shot or range was taken.

CUSTOM BOLT PROFILES Create custom bolt profiles with unique aim point stacks for more accurate shooting across a variety of setups.

CROSSBOW DYNAMICS Steady Aim and Aim Point Level features give you confidence to take the shot, and Roll at Shot and Impulse Duration give feedback on your setup’s performance.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE OPTICS Bright, crisp optics offer superior visibility in low light and edge-to-edge clarity for an amazing view of your target. The rangefinder is Class 1 eye-safe.

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